No more like-gating

Facebook Kills Like-Gating, Now What?

Like-gating is when you require a someone to like your Facebook Page BEFORE they can have access to exclusive content, coupons, giveaways, etc. For many Page admins, this tactic was an easy and powerful way to get more Facebook fans. However, effective November 5th, like-gating will be a no-no. Facebook says that this is good for marketers AND users: “To ensure… Read More

5 Things Your Nonprofit Has In Common With a Hammerhead Shark (3)

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Is Like a Hammerhead Shark

You’re probably wondering what hammerhead sharks have to do with digital marketing and fundraising. Well, I wondered the same thing. But my desire to write a blog post about sharks won over logic and reason. So… here are five ways your nonprofit is like a hammerhead shark: 1. You Both Possess Mutant-Like Eyeballs Hammerhead sharks can see almost 360 degrees. Nothing escapes their… Read More


How To Get More ROI from Facebook Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts is a Facebook product that increases reach for specific Facebook Page updates. Boosted Posts are labeled “sponsored” and appear at the top of the Newsfeeds (web and mobile) of people you target. When people interact with your Boosted post, that interaction is seen by their friends. Facebook doesn’t sell engagement You can’t pay Facebook to increase engagement on… Read More


How to use Canva to Create Stellar Visual Content [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

If you’re not familiar with Canva, you should be. Especially if you are in charge of content marketing for your organization. Last week, I gave an overview of Canva for my weekly mini webinar. If you’d like invites to these mini-webinars, make sure you subscribe. Here’s an edited version of “How to use Canva to… Read More


How to Promote Your Next Fundraising Event with Facebook Ads [FREE WEBINAR]

Facebook Ads are a powerful way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website. But are you using Facebook ads effectively? Or is your strategy to simply throw money at Facebook ads and hope you’ll get the results. This free webinar will show you simple ways to use Facebook Ads to promote your next… Read More


What’s the Difference Between a Campaign and a Facebook App?

Apps and Campaigns serve the same general purpose. They’re both used to run promotions, contests, sweepstakes, newsletter integrations, welcome pages and landing pages. However, a Campaign can be placed anywhere on the Web while an App is limited to Facebook. So there you have the BIG difference between Apps and Campaigns: Apps = Facebook; Campaigns… Read More


8 Tools to Make You a Visual Content Ninja

If you manage social media for a nonprofit, you realize that creating visual content is becoming a bigger part of your job. You’re creating more visual content than ever before, and it has to look exceptional! That’s a lot of pressure for someone who didn’t go to art school. Fortunately, there are several tools and… Read More


Three Powerful Follow-Ups for Your Next Fundraising Event

Allison Gauss from StayClassy originally posted this article at The Most Effective Follow Ups for Nonprofit Events and Campaigns. ———- Following up is an important part of any campaign or event. One of the biggest reasons for that is donor retention. In a survey asking donors why they stopped supporting an organization, 53% cited poor communication with the… Read More


6 Reasons Email Marketing Still Rules

Social media strategists (ok, not all) love to discount email in favor of, you guessed it – social media. They have deemed email a dying communications channel, which is absurd. Email lists and email marketing continue to grow, especially for the nonprofit sector where list size grew at least 14% in 2013, according to the 2014… Read More