Every time I leave my MySpace Page to go over to Facebook, I see the power that questions can have on a business strategy and even one’s outlook on life.

I see, with my eyes, one fundamental difference in how these two organizations think:

How can we prevent phishing pholks from hacking us to death – again?

Is Your Non Profit A Myspace Or A Facebook?

Is Your Non Profit A Myspace Or A Facebook?


Is Your Non Profit A Myspace Or A Facebook?

How can we create a more interconnected web?

Is Your Non Profit A Myspace Or A Facebook?

In my opinion (capital IMO), Facebook is rocketing forward because it has a vision for an interconnected web. Meanwhile, MySpace continues to overuse Captchas and even warn users that they are leaving their site to go to Facebook, which is like warning Phillipe Petit that he’s stepping onto a tightrope. Can you spell WTF?


Are the questions asked within your non-profit focusing you on problems (like this question)? Or, are you asking questions that focus you on the vision you have for a greater world? Yes, that vision. Remember?

Hildy Gottlieb calls it “reverse engineering the future” (which I personally love because it messes with my mental dyslexia).

And when you ask, “How can we…”, who are you referring to? The 6 people at the board table? Or the greater “we” outside and beyond your office walls?

And why not ask expansive questions with your neighbor, or your auto-mechanic, or your kids? Which brings me to my favorite question of all:

Why not?

Is Your Non Profit A Myspace Or A Facebook?

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  1. I am not a MySpace fan at all…I know I should try to like it more, but it’s brought me nothing but proposals for dates with 21 year olds. Yuck. Although that would give me great writing material.

    You always bring up some great “food for thought”. Great stuff as always, John. AND…I loved your “retweet it” button so I put one on my blog. You are my mentor.

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