Friday Deliciousness (great posts that have altered my thinking)

Steve's my friend. He's worshiping a pile of rocks.

Lots o’ big changes in my life this week:

  • Kicked off a top-secret re-launch of my blog (shhh!).
  • Found a great new desktop app for Twitter called Nambu.
  • Ended my search for the Unicycle I’ll be learning to ride.
  • Discovered a Cake song that I somehow missed.

Plus I found these mind-altering (but completely legal) posts:

Friday Deliciousness (great posts that have altered my thinking)

When Was The Last Time… - from @DannyBrown

If I Were Evil… - from Ian Lurie

2 Minutes Well Spent – The End of Time Management - from @DavidBullock

Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: Philanthropy 2.0 Study Results Published on Mashable - from @kanter

How-To: Search the Social Web – Ultimate Toolkit - from @RGBroitman

How to Ride a Unicycle - from Expert Village

Learn how one nonprofit increased their online fundraising by 1,400%!


Learn the tools, tactics, messaging, and website tweaks that created thier explosive result!


  1. love it,
    I think I have seen a pile of rocks like that somewhere myself.

    i always wanted to ride a unicycle.
    Glad your search is over.

    pst i won’t tell about your secret re-launch