Headway WordPress Theme Now Has Better SEO And An API For Fancy Schmancy Designers

First things first. If you have no interest in hearing about the Headway WordPress theme, please check out the latest posts in the sidebar.


Ok, you know I’m a Headway fan, that I guest post on Grant Griffiths blog once a month, and that I make cold hard cash if you buy Headway through this blog.

Headway 1.6 brings many new features to the table including a skins and leafs API, importing and exporting of , body background images, and much more.

What’s New In Headway 1.6

Headway has many new features for both designers and average joe bloggers like me.

For Fancy Schmancy Designers:

• Skins and Leafs API. If you’re a developer, you’ll know what this means. Please refer the documentation on how to use the new APIs.
• Ability to import and export design settings via Styles in the Templates panel in the visual editor.
• Faster and easier saving in the visual editor.
Live CSS Editor. Edit your CSS and see the changes right before your eyes.
• Ability to load JavaScript libraries in the Headway Configuration panel (I have no idea what the hell this means).

For Average Joe Bloggers Like Me:

• You can now add a background image to your site with a simple image uploader.
• Default leaf sets. You can now set a default leaf set that will be applied to every new page you make.
• SEO: Automatic page and post slug cleanup.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a few videos over at Headway Videos demonstration these features.

Do I suck because I blog about Headway? Please comment

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  1. Nope .. you most definitive don't suck.. Learned a bunch from your tips and videos..

    Not Fancy Schmancy or Average Joe… but boy am I having fun with this theme.

    And I with Chris here.. Headway Theme was for me a god sent theme.. Clay and Grant has just developed a rock and roll theme here.

    Cheers.. Are

  2. Adding my two cents to the “god sent” idea. Without Headway I would have delayed even further my new website.

    Thankful for all you do John to keep us up to date on Headway!

  3. Hey John – you definitely don't suck for talking about the Headway theme. I'm using Thesis right now, but I am very interested in using Headway for some more ambitious (design wise anyways) sites because I'm not a code jockey. Thanks for the info, and hopefully I'll be grabbing a copy of Headway soon.

  4. Hi John, I watched you and others using Headway before I redid my blog/site on it (with the help of Kim Woodbridge for all the very technical export and plug-in stuff) and I am grateful to Clay and Grant for their product which made life so much easier. I can work in Dreamweaver but Headway makes changes so much easier.

    Because my site is more than a blog, being able to have one tool to do everything is terrific. Your information here is very helpful to anyone who is not familiar with the product or wants to know more about how to make the different features work. I love your videos, clear and easy to follow without giving me more than I can handle at a time.

    Keep it up, John!

  5. Hi John, found your video on Headway on Google afetr listening to someone recommend the theme on a podcast. Headway seems just waht I am looking for. I have been paying someone I found on Scriptlance to make CSS changes, etc but Headway will let me do pretty much what I need to do myself. Wish I'd found it months ago (and your site) as I would have saved a bunch of money.

    Thanks for all the info you provide here.

  6. No! You have found a tool that allows you to do your job blogging better. The tool is improving so you like to talk about it. I'm sitting down later today to go over all the Headway site's vids for training, and will have a new blog up by end of next week.

  7. John, no you don't suck because you blog about Headway. I am a new very novice blogger and I have spent weeks trying figure out which theme or premium theme to purchase, in fact, I purchased DIYthemes and b/c of your video blogs on Headway I had decided to get a refund and switch to Headway because is seems more super simple for users like me. So, please keep the post coming and if you know of a blog page where I can find more video helps (because I'm a visual learner) about Headway that would be helpful also.