Nonprofit Social Network By Facebook Co Founder To Launch In 2010

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes announced at yesterday’s Social Good Summit that he is building a social networking site designed to build and nurture long-term relationships between people and nonprofit organizations. Think Yelp for good.

Jumo, the name of this platform is due out later this year and will include three areas:

  • Find – Jumo will help users find causes to match their interests, likes and preferences.
  • Follow – Users will be able to follow nonprofits to receive updates in their News Feed (similar to liking on Facebook and following on Twitter).
  • Support – Users will be able to support those organizations in a variety of ways.

How is this different from Facebook?

You already know that Facebook users can find, follow and support nonprofits. But what seems different about Jumo is the fact that it’s sole purpose is for people and organizations to connect and work with each other.

Theoretically, nonprofits should expect a higher level of commitment from Jumo users. At the same time, Jumo users can expect to meet others who value doing good.

Hear more of Chris’ vision below

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  1. So how is this any different from network for good, charity navigator, or volunteer match? I wish they would make something like for good – that would be interesting – and awesome for finding volunteer opportunity. Also huge bonus with Meetup – it already has all the social media and email client integration built in.