Facebook releases new admin panel for Facebook Pages
If you’re confused by Facebook Pages, this will be a change you’ll welcome.

Previously, accessing all the important task areas for a Page was a bit difficult –  mainly because there were different locations for each task.

For example, if you want to edit an application, you’d go the center column of the admin Page. But if you wanted to send an update to fans, you’d have to go to right column, click on “Send An Update To Fans” and then go to another Page to actually write and send the update.

Now, locating everything makes perfect sense.

Accessing the new admin panel

Facebook releases new admin panel for Facebook Pages

When you click on “Edit Page” under your main image, you’ll see that Facebook has now placed a top-level admin menu in a left-hand column.

Drilling down into the admin panel

Facebook releases new admin panel for Facebook Pages
To go to a specific area, simply click on the admin topic on the left. The center of the Page will then display that specific admin feature.

Facebook wants to make life easier for Page admins

Facebook releases new admin panel for Facebook Pages

You’ll most likely find this new interface much more intuitive and easier to use (I know I did). And if you get a bit lost or confused, there’s a help section as well.

I’ll be publishing a series of new videos to walk you through the entire admin panel, so stay in touch.

What do you think about the new admin panel?

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  1. I still wish that there was a toggle to switch between Admin and Personal profile when posting something on the wall. It would be really useful for Admins so they can foster conversations on the page as individuals rather than organizations. I've been toying with the idea of having only a dummy individual profile account as the Admin for a page so that organizational staff can interact on the page as themselves and not Admins. What do you think?

    1. It could get you in trouble with Facebook, although thousands are orgs do it.

      I'd recommend having multiple admins who can remove and add each as needed.

      1. Will, tend to agree with John here about the fact that a dummy profile could get you in trouble with Facebook. However, I also echo your frustration with the issue. With the new Groups, of course, it is all personal. However, perhaps I misunderstood John's suggestion of having multiple admins because I don't think it will solve this issue of wanting to post to a Page you administer as the “real” person. We have multiple admins of several groups and each one of them can only post to the Page as the official logo, not the person.

        1. Yes, due to the Terms of Service, I have warned lots of orgs about using “dummy profiles” (individual profiles for organizations) but I'm wondering what to do until Facebook adds toggle functionality between Admin and individual. I was also hoping y'all could help lobby them for this tool. In the meantime, maybe it's best to give Admin access only to a minimal number of staff and ask other staff to interact on the page as themselves.

          1. I have posted on my info page the administrator(s) names and affiliations and encourage them/us to use our own names when signing an institutional comment. It’s still one of those querks about Facebook that this far along in the game it baffles that they haven’t worked out yet.

      2. Another workaround that I've seen is the use of a an email address that can be shared by the admins to create and subsequently log in to their FB page. It's kind of clunky, and unless things changed, if you don't have a personal profile associated with the FB page as an admin, certain goodies, like FBML, are not available. This issue of being able to “toggle” between admin and personal profile is one that I hear a lot. Any other ideas?

    2. Agreed! Also, I tried creating a dummy profile, and it failed miserably … I got kicked out of the sign up page at least 6 times. I'm hoping this change will help, but Facebook needs to develop a more intuitive system for admins. I admin three and trying to get the right info/apps to the right pages is a beast!

  2. Thanks John for staying on top of this. Noticed there was some changes. Well have to look through it tomorrow.

    Cheers.. Are

  3. Thanks, John! I'm struggling with updating my Facebook page using Droid apps – is it possible yet? I know I can update using email, mobile browser, text or an iPhone. Maybe I just need to be patient? You don't have to answer this now, but if you could maybe incorporate it into future updates, I'd sure appreciate it.

    Great info, as always.

      1. There is a Facebook app, but it doesn't have the functionality of the iPhone app, from what I've been reading. I can monitor and update my profile but can't update or publish content to my pages, unless I'm missing something (which certainly could be the case).

    1. Hi Mickey! Have you ever heard of Hootsuite? Its a web platform that lets you manage your Facebook profile, fan page and Twitter from one dashboard. I’m not sure if there is a Hootsuite app for the droid but you should look into that. If there is an app, download it and you’ll be able to update your page from your phone. Good Luck!

  4. If you post to a fan page when logged in from an iPhone it seems to use your personal ID rather than you as page admin…

        1. Actually I hate it, (sorry for so long on the reply), I have numerous Fan pages that I post information from my Iphone. I don't want the posts to come from me personally, but as the Page. Is there anyway I can turn some function off so that I can do that? Otherwise I'm going to be forced to let my pages expire as they'll never get information updated.

  5. [...] 1) New Features For Page Admins: Pretty much exactly what it says there. This is rolling out slowly, so you may not have it yet, but there are a host of new features designed to make your life easier if you control a Page, including the long-wished for ability to change that Page’s name. Not exciting, but useful. [...]

  6. Under the new admin system, why isn't Events listed along with Photos, Notes, Video, etc? We used to have the ability to Edit Settings / Additional Permissions/ toggle Publish Content to Wall, and now it appears that control is not there since there's no way to manage Events as an Application in the list.

  7. Also noticed when creating a new page you no longer have to publish it. It is automatically pubished once you creat the page, start adding content and getting likes. There is no way to “unpublish” anymore either. When I looked this up in the help section it gave old info that is no longer relavent. It was a bit frustrating figuring it all out.

  8. Hi John, I must be really stupid because half the things you’ve mentioned in your post don’t seem available on my page. The admin sidebar panel, for example, the marketing tab that someone above mentioned when trying to find the send an update to fans, the import contacts area. None of these are immediately obvious. Surely they’re not all apps that have to be added because you’d have said so.