How to Post to other Facebook Pages as a Page   not a PersonA few weeks ago I published “The Unofficial User’s Manual For Updating Your Facebook Page” which mentioned tagging Pages as a Page. The following tactic was mentioned, but because so many people ask about it, I thought I’d call it out on it’s own.

A warning for practitioners: The best way to use this tactic is to either 1) be trusted by that community or, 2) selflessly praise that community.

People like Pages, Pages don’t

Facebook assumes that people like brands and organizations, Pages don’t. This makes sense, doesn’t it?

What businesses do is cross-promote each other through partnership and collaboration. On Facebook, this is expressed as Pages tagging each other.

How to tag another Page from your Page

How to Post to other Facebook Pages as a Page   not a Person

You can promote your Page on another Page simply by tagging that Page (assuming you’ve liked the Page) in a status update on your Page. You do this simply by typing the “@” sign following by the name of the Page you want to tag.

Make sense?

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  1. This technique is helpful but still forces the individual page admin to join pages from his/her personal profile that he/she may not be interested in joining.

  2. John: In some of my testing with this tactic a couple of weeks ago, the post of the Page being tagged (National Wildlife Federation, in your example) didn't always appear on that Page's Wall. I thought it might have been a built-in mechanism by Facebook to prevent one Page from being spammed by another. But clearly, you didn't have a problem in your tagging.

    Has what happened to me ever happened to you?

  3. I've run into a similar scenario, but one that I don't believe there's a solution for (unless you know otherwise John).

    At my company, we've begun a weekly question and answer feature on our page involving an on-air (radio) partner. The question on our page is written as an update (“So-and-so asks…”) where So-and-so (the partner) is tagged (@So-and-so).

    After the post, part of the process involves So-and-so occasionally chiming in and interacting with fan's answers.

    However, as you probably know, So-and-so's page is connected to a personal profile. And it is that persona that appears whenever they respond.

    Is there a method you know of that allows them to respond as the page, the same what it would appear when responding to a query on one's own Facebook page?

    1. That's actually the same thing I was wondering (and what I thought this post would address). Thanks for any tips you might have!

    2. Nope, a Page can't respond as a Page on ANOTHER Page. The response would show as being posted by the individual, and link back to his her FB profile. The usual FB messiness.

  4. On a somewhat related note (but I'm not sure if this answers RG's and Jeff's question): Here's how to tag a Page in an update from your Personal Profile and have it appear on that Page's wall.

    Write update from your personal profile, using the tip from John about using the @ sign. This creates a link from your update to the Page.
    In order for your update to appear on the Wall of the tagged Page, you need to have the privacy setting of that post be set as “everyone.” You can change the privacy setting using the “lock” icon next to the “Share” button.

  5. Helpful John! Thanks!

    From what I understand, in order to successful tag from a Page and from a personal profile, is that you must also “Like” the page. Otherwise the @ symbol in the post does not disappear and you have not tagged a page at all.

    It would look like “Thanks for hosting the party @W Hotel. Looking forward to next year….” The @ symbol stays unless I actually “like” the W Hotel FB Page.