Facebook Pages now offer easier ways to create Alias URLs Facebook Pages now have a new option called “Create Alias” under “Marketing” within the admin panel. An “Alias” is a shortened URL for your Facebook Page, making it easier for potential fans to remember, and easier to use in print, radio or TV (facebook.com/CreatingTheFuture as an example) Pages admins can create an Alias once they have a minimum of 25 connections.

Create an Alias for your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages now offer easier ways to create Alias URLs This new approach differentiates the feature from what most people might consider login credentials (username / password).

Also, having this located in the admin panel enables users to be more aware of this feature.


  1. John, great info. Thank you. What's interesting is that this option doesn't show up until you have 25 fans or more.

    1. It’s smart when you think about that requirement though. Otherwise there would be thousands of half-hearted Pages locking up aliases that other folks could use.

  2. Every time I try this it says I need to verify my account via an SMS to my mobile phone. If I put my phone number in, it says that there is already another account associated with that number (my personal account, perhaps?). Then it just dead ends. Any ideas??