Four types of social media strategies for nonprofitsMost nonprofits that jump into social media have one goal: See how hot or cold the water is.

Only when they’ve gotten their feet wet, do they scratch their heads wondering: “Why are we in this pool anyways?”

Four nonprofit strategies you can steal

Geoff Livingston (1/4 of Zoetica Media) shared a chapter from “The Fifth Estate” about four different types of social media strategies:

  1. Participating with People – This strategy focuses on create real dialogue with your stakeholders. Think Zappos.
  2. Serving with Content – This strategy focuses on using valuable and interesting content to attract and retain fans.
  3. Engage Influencers – This strategy focuses on leveraging real connections you might have with “influencers” (air quotes). You too should put air quotes around “Influencers” because one’s influence isn’t half as valuable as their interest.
  4. Empowerment – This strategy focuses on empowering your fans to create and share their own content. One of the best examples of nonprofits who do this is Epic Change.

Of course all these strategies can be used in combination. And of course you would start with your goals.

You can pre-order Geoff’s book here.


  1. Targeting and engaging your users with you is a real success by providing latest updates about your niche and relevant to it. keep funny with them and aware with their likes and dislikes.