If you’re looking to increase your email subscribers, try doing what I did on my site.

Make it very clear to visitors what your site is about, and give them an opportunity to stay connected via email.

With one tweak, I tripled the rate of new email subscribers

At the top of this page, you’ll notice a box on the left clearly stating four things that visitors can expect. The woman on the left directs the visitors eyes up to the opt-in box on the right.
How I Tripled my Email Optins With a Single Website Tweak
Each bar in the chart above represents the number of weekly new email subscribers on my blog.

As you can see, the last two weeks (right after I made these changes with Headway), the numbers almost tripled.


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  1.  I would say that letting people know what they’re getting instead of just asking them if they want it is probably an effective thing to do! Such a simple concept. Should probably apply that to my organization’s website as well.

  2. Interesting point John. I see that it increased your subscribers. I am one of your regular readers that hates that box at the top of the page. I have to scroll down now to read your new information.

    Too bad there’s not a way that the women only appears to visitors and not to those of us that are regular subscribers.

  3. Many nonprofits use integrated solutions that combine website development functionality with constituent databases, mass email, event management, credit card processing, etc. WordPress is therefore not an option. Is anyone familiar with code that could be inserted into a page wrapper or CSS that would automagically generate URLs in the way that WordPress does?