Google Plus Will Replace Blogging For Many PeopleYesterday I posted the following on Google Plus:

What I’m starting to see is that Google+ could actually (and I know this sounds crazy) replace blogging for many people.

I made this comment after posting what I think qualifies as a blog post, and  wondered how Google Plus would compete with blogging platforms – in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn.

What followed (and you can see this for yourself) was a lively discussion on content ownership, the extent to which other platforms have (and haven’t) replaced other social platforms, and what “blogging” means in the first place.

My prediction is that Google Plus will be used instead of traditional blogging platforms for many people (not all), if you define blogging as:

  1. Anything that expresses a (somewhat) complete idea.
  2. And allows people to comment on that idea…
  3. And allows people to have rich discussions among each other…
  4. And the internet is involved somehow.

The original thread and discussion is here. If you’re on Google+, please comment there. Otherwise comment below.


  1. I guess it depends on what your intentions are when you have a blog (or website).  If it is strictly to communicate, then I guess so.  But let’s be real here.  That is like someone trading in a home for a room in a hotel.

      1. Thanks John – maybe I’m a bit ‘low-brow’ for not seeing some of the features of Google+ that others are seeing so far.

        Bottom line for me — I am having real trouble keeping up with the social media I currently use.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more with you John. Google+ may be a great place to link to your blog, but it won’t replace blogs, especially not for anyone who wants to own their own ideas. Read their terms of service. Google will OWN everything you do, forever and ever, and can do whatever they want with everything you do. I wouldn’t advise my clients to do this, I wouldn’t advise you to do this, and I’m sure as heck not doing this myself, and I’d say anyone who does will never build a platform worth talking about.

    1. Another way to say this is “Google+ will enable many people who’ve never blogged before, to start blogging. And they won’t think of it as blogging”.

      1. So then maybe rename your post to read “Google+ Will Be Like Facebook Notes and Tumblr and Posterous and Allow People to Write Who Don’t Want to be Bloggers”. ;-)  @philgerb:disqus 

  3. I’m on @google-1aa8381a4171f8e3d257c522ea2af8ae:disqus’s team here – depends on what you mean, what you want. For the power folks, lots of followers/revenue/and-all-that, I can see it working as John describes. But there’s still room for those of us who use the blog as a personal meandering means-of-expression respite-from-day-job place to try out ideas and phrases.
    And I’m definitely with @philgerb:disqus … I have enough issues with Facebook; don’t need to give it all away to G+
    Besides… I can’t do everything.

  4. I think it depends on what your intentions when you have a blog (or site). If it is to communicate securely, so I guess so. But let’s be real here. It ‘s like a trading house at the hotel room.
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