9 Steps To Getting Started With Google Plus For Your NonprofitGoogle’s new social networking platform, Google Plus still going strong since it was released at the end of June. Farra at Big Duck created an awesome Slideshare that includes 9 steps to getting started with Google Plus.

9 Steps To Getting Started With Google Plus

  1. Set up a Personal Profile – Obviously the first thing you want to do is set up a personal Google plus profile. Google plus has yet to offer business profiles, but you can still explore Google plus, connect with thought leaders in your field, and connect with people you already know (you can even ignore people after you put them in a Circle).
  2. Manage Your Privacy – One of the best things about Google plus is that you can configure the security of each section of your Google plus profile. This video will show you how to configure Google plus privacy settings profile.
  3. Learn The Features – Google has created an easy to understand guide for Google Plus. There is also an epic Google document with every tip and trick users have discovered, plus this useful website on Google Plus. I’ve also created a few video tutorials.
  4. Understand How It Works -As with any social network it’s important to understand both the functionality of the tool and community etiquette. As Beth Kanter points out, Google plus allows for Asymmetric Sharing (I follow you, but you might not follow me).
  5. Think Before You Add To The Stream – ultimately the value that you get from Google plus is in direct proportion to the value you give. Before you share something, ask yourself: “will this really be useful to people?” Google plus can’t give you the mindset to put others before yourself, but it can give you the tools to share selectively (read on…).
  6. Segment What You Share – Google plus allows you to create Circles, which allows you to share more selectively.  Watch this video for more on how Google plus circles work.
  7. Hangout With Others – One feature a lot of nonprofit professionals are talking about is the hangout feature. This allows you to do videoconferencing with up to 10 other Google plus users. Rob, Marc and I use it for our weekly 501 Mission Place planning calls.
  8. Follow Their InterestsSparks is a feature within Google Plus that allows you to easily find useful content based on your friends interests. This will help you become a person people want to follow.
  9. Jump In Or Wait? – There are many reasons why a nonprofit should start investigating Google plus. And there are just as many reasons why the nonprofit should wait before diving in. Geoff Livingston writes: “Social media is entering a period where certain communities and demographics will migrate to some networks in favor of others. Organizations should choose the ones that make the most sense in relation to their mission.”

Have you started using Google Plus?

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  1. Stupid motherfuckers start their Non-profit profiles in Google Plus as Google has clearly asked us to wait till they implement Business profiles for G+. This will just get your account suspended and make u look like a weirdo..!