1. I’m with you, John. The reason to get in early is to learn before everyone’s piled in, for one thing. Second, you’re right that getting connected with the early adopters is a great way to get some of the better tips early. 

    I haven’t visited your site directly lately. Very nice clean design. : ) You wear Headway well. 

  2. Great post John! I have been putting off really diving into Google+, only reason being time, and lack of it. 

    Great video, and I agree with ya 100%. See ya on +


  3. Did that actually get stated or was the comment more centered around how they wanted to learn before opening up the service to non individuals? If I understand the reasoning for the wait it’s due to how the Google + accounts are associated. Do organizations have gmail accounts that can be connected? Perhaps I’m missing something in the process but I thought the reason for waiting was related to the account and how we set up the service. If I’m wrong let me know. I like the idea of how we would use the service to segment the discussions and message the circles.

  4. I have to say I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve heard some great things about the site, and it does seem to be working better for my efforts than Facebook ever did.