New online course to create Fundraising Rockstars!

Following in an interview with my good friend, Pamela Grow who has just launched Four women – each with their own area of nonprofit expertise – who have created an amazing online course for fundraisers.

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What are the qualities of a fundraising rockstar?

Pamela: A fundraising rockstar is someone who makes sure everyone has a good time, from the volunteers to the donors! A fundraising rockstar can write appeals that touch people’s hearts. They can get sponsorships for that big event. They can put up a website. And they can even write grants!

In your course, you’ve included interviews with people like Guy Kawasaki and John Jantsch. What do they know about fundraising?

Pamela: Fundraisers have to get sponsors for events. John Jantsch (author of “The Referral Engine“) offers key knowledge on how to approach big corporations to get big money for your cause.

Fundraisers also need to form alliances. In this tough economic climate, nonprofits need each other more than ever. And since no one teaches nonprofit leaders how to partner effectively, Guy Kawasaki (author of “Enchantment – The Art Of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions”) shows you how to plan partnerships for success.

If you were a rock band, which one would you be?

Pamela: I would say… Fleetwood mac, because we are so classic and beautiful! Guitar SOLO!!!!

Check out the Fundraising Rockstar Course here.

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