How to Launch your Facebook Page Like Apollo 11

Many marketers refer to the initial stage of a promotion as a launch, whether it’s a book, the newest mobile of a car, or an event.

A launch might included a widely covered announcement of a highly anticipated product, like the latest iPhone. Or a launch could simply involve free samples to promote a local restaurant. But in all cases, the launch is the beginning, the birth.

Launching a Facebook Page in stages

Launching a Facebook Page is very similar to launching a rocket ship in that they share the same basic stages (please forgive any inaccuracies – I am not a rocket scientist):

  • Preparation – Like a rocket ship, a Facebook Page requires a strategy to steer it’s course, and a main image, applications and welcome tab that provide function and features.
  • Countdown – You should have a deadline in mind for when you want to launch your Page, which will essentially force you to prepare and get everything lined up for success.
  • Initial ThrustStarting with zero Facebook fans is exactly like a rocket ship which has to fight gravity by thrusting up away from the earth. This is where you use assets like a huge email list, or an announcement at a conference of a special “attendees -only” promotion on your Page.
  • Second-Stage Thrust – After you’ve acquired a fair amount of Facebook Page fans, and have achieved a healthy amount of engagement on the Page, you can fire off a second round of thrusters. This would include using Facebook Sponsored Like ads to leverage your fan’s social graph, or conducting a cross-promotional campaign with another Facebook Page.
  • Third-Stage Thrust – At this point, you’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work for your particular nonprofit and your particular fan base. We’re not talking about theory anymore here – we’re talking about hard-won experiential learning, which is only acquired after you’ve failed and recovered a few times. The wisdom you glean is a rocket fuel additive.
  • Perpetual Orbit – At this stage, you’re no longer fighting a gravitational force. Instead, you’re got momentum behind you! What’s critical at this stage is the ability to navigate and continuously refresh your creativity so that fans stay interested.

How do you fly a rocket ship? Comment below. How to Launch your Facebook Page Like Apollo 11

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