How *Not* To Fundraise With Social MediaI presented a session this weekend at Tech Day Camp in Quincy, MA called Facebook 101 for Nonprofits (get the deck here).

At the end of the session, one participant expressed how busy she was running her nonprofit, and that she really needs to focus on fundraising. She wasn’t sure how her new Facebook Page (with only 150 fans) would help her raise money.

My quick answer (as I packed up my laptop) was that she should view Facebook as one channel among many. She should understand that email is still king, and that Facebook is an awesome way to create and nurture relationships.

Gary Vee says it best

For the Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington training, Gary Vaynerchuk shared how nonprofits should use social media:

How do you use social media for donor relations?

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  1. A few things I try to focus on:

    - Celebrating your community. Thank them for their contributions and efforts. Show your org’s progress through the lens of how your community got you there.- Understand that people give for different reasons. Give options, but also don’t limit what someone might be willing to do (in amount or how they give).
    - Minimizing use of numbers. Numbers are important at times, but stories are emotional and will encourage giving far better than logic.
    - I don’t do a lot of outright asking for money. I just try to show people how the cause relates to what they already care about and then providing easy ways to become donors.

  2. Gary made some really great points in the video that can easily be applied to both nonprofit and for-profit companies! The ability to connect with your target audience or consumer and have that human interaction is so much more powerful than writing the perfect pitch to blast out through email or social media. Social media is a great channel if you already have the skills to engage your audience in place.

  3. Such great words of wisdom from both you & Gary.  Say hello before asking me to give or buy.  Drives me nuts when I get these types of DMs.  Or, I barely know you & you are asking me to RT your stuff. 

    If I don’t know you, you are pretty likely to end up with your Twitter account being unfollowed.

  4. Not only a great message, but great delivery. Lesson for all marketers “consumer BS radar in 2012 is greater than it’s ever been before” – thanks for the share John. Thanks for the context Gary Vee.