Why buy Google Plus for Business by @ChrisBroganI’ve been a big fan of Chris Brogan‘s for a few years now – and not because he pays me $100 each time I say so (kidding).

What I like about Chris is that he has a way of gleaning the “human” from social platforms like blogging, Twitter, and most notably Google Plus (if you don’t know who Chris is, look up Trust Agent on Amazon.com - a New York Times bestseller).

When Google Plus first came out this past year, Chris was one of the first people to make a deep exploration, offer webinars and then finally write a book, which as the title of this post suggests, you should buy.

Why spend money on a platform that is completely new?

I hear this question a lot. Why waste spend money on webinars, books and other resources to investigate a platform that is less than a year old?

This question would make a lot of sense if it wasn’t for one minor detail: We’re talking about Google here – not Quora or Diaspora (which sounds like a rash you’d get from camping in Mexico).

The number one and two search engines  on the planet (Google and YouTube) now have the ability to understand how people share stuff in addition to how people search for stuff. This is why you should at least explore Google Plus.

What’s inside Google Plus for Business?

First of all, Google Plus for Business is not a book about how to use Google Plus. Sure, there are a lot of howtos and tips, but because Google Plus is evolving so rapidly, this content will probably be outdated very soon.

What you will find is wades of strategic advice – “serving suggestions” - for using Google Plus to do customer service, get referrals, build community, build trust, and get business (donations and volunteers in your case).

A few sections I’ve personally found useful:

  • A Day In The Life – Interviews with people like Scott Monty and Darren Rowse on how they are using Google Plus in their daily routines.
  • A Simple Content Strategy – Interviews with people like Michael Dell on how they share content on Google Plus.
  • The Warm Sell – This section is really about attracting donors and volunteers, rather than pushing and bugging people to do so (which you know sucks).

There’s a lot more than I could cover in a single blog post, so just check it out for yourself.

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