Facebook has announced that all Pages will be upgraded to the new Timeline layout on March 30th. And everything you know about using and administrating your Facebook Page will change.

Highlights and Features of the new Page Layout

You can opt into a preview of your Page here to see all of the upcoming changes to Pages. These include:

Cover Photo – Pages include the ability to upload a Cover photo that is similar to what many profiles have (the dimensions for the image should be 850px by 315px).

When choosing a cover image, Facebook displays a message (see below) that you are not supposed to use the cover for promotions which is strange because Facebook Pages are a marketing tool for businesses.

All Facebook Pages Will Be Upgraded to Timeline Layout on March 30th

New Profile Pic Dimensions – Your Page avatar (profile pic) will now be 180 pixels square.

Tabs with Photos – Facebook Page tabs will now be across the top, just below your cover image. You can have a maximum of 12 tabs and they can be rearranged so that the four most important ones will be visible to people who visit your Page.

Pinning – You can also “pin” (hello Pinterest!) a posts to the top of your Page, giving you more control over what’s displayed above the fold.

When you hover over an update and click on the pencil icon, you can pin it to the top of your Page. You can also hide or delete it the update entirely.

Page Messages – Pages will also include a messaging feature, which gives visitors the ability to send you private messages (this is optional and can be turned off).

New access to the Admin Area – The backend of your Facebook Page has the same administration area. The only thing that will change is how you access the admin panel (see below).

All Facebook Pages Will Be Upgraded to Timeline Layout on March 30th

More Space For Custom Tabs – Custom Tabs that are 520 pixels wide will be centered within your Page (as shown below). You can also create custom tabs that are up to 810 pixels wide.

All Facebook Pages Will Be Upgraded to Timeline Layout on March 30th

Preview your Facebook Page and Stay Tuned

Again, you can opt into a preview of your Page here to see all of the upcoming changes to Pages. When you opt into a preview of your Page, only you see the preview – not your fans. However, you can choose to push your Page live before March 30th so that all users see your new Page.

I’ll be working on a few new video tutorials on using the new Page design, so stay tuned here (subscribe) or over at the Nonprofit Facebook Guy!

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    1. Unfortunately, there is no longer the ability to set a default landing tab. However, custom tabs will still have a permalink. Also, custom tabs can now be up to 850 pixels wide.

  1. Shouldn’t it be an option to change to the new Timeline?   I’ve never liked the new Timeline set-up, I think the original way was much more effective and better looking.  

    Can I just ask WHY they are forcing all pages to change? 

    1.  I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’ve been using facebook for years now, and have gone through many changes, grinned and beared it. I wan’t a fan of having my tagged photos at the top of my page, but I grew to enjoy facebook banners. Now, my banner is gone, and I can’t even upload a new one. I’m pissed! I don’t want timeline! This is crap! I don’t care if that’s the way facebook wants it, we shouldn’t be forced to learn a whole new facebook, and I find the timeline setup clunky, childish and just plain unattractive. We being loyal facebook users, should’ve been given a choice. Oh well. Facebook’s free and I geuss you get what you pay for. :(

  2. Ever since Facebook has upgraded to Timeline, I cannot use my Facebook as a page.  The screen turns blank and I don’t have access to any information.  Has anybody else had that problem?