How Beth Kanter Redesigned Her Facebook Page Timeline

This past week, Beth Kanter and I have been busy converting her Facebook Page over to the new timeline format.

Two things I love about Beth:

  • She’s not afraid to experiment (that’s probably a huge understatement).
  • She’s more about getting things done than she is about getting things perfect (which ties nicely back to the first point).

One of the first things we talked about was her goals.

She said she wanted “to do something smallish for the new timeline, and then invest more for the book launch in the fall.”.

Beth’s Facebook Page Cover Image

Beth was pretty clear about what she wanted for a cover image, but also wanted to approach designing her Page as a process (smart).

The solution was to to create a few cover images that she could change up every now and then like clothes on a Barbie doll (her analogy, which I like).

How Beth Kanter Redesigned Her Facebook Page Timeline

Beth also wanted to make her cover image about her community – not her. So we ended up cropping a section from a massive LikeBox I threw together on a WordPress page.

I created a photoshop template she can use to make her own cover images whenever inspiration strikes.

Beth’s Facebook Page Timeline Apps

How Beth Kanter Redesigned Her Facebook Page Timeline

We also created a few custom tabs for her Page to highlight her blog, The Networked Nonprofit, curated resources, and a sign-up form for for her upcoming book. Because Beth wanted the ability to easily edit these tabs, we used ShortStack.

The Story Beth Can Tell

One great thing about the new Facebook Page Timeline format is that you can use things like Milestones and Highlights to tell a story over time.

And because Beth has made huge contributions to the NPTech community (and has also seen a lot), she has an opportunity to tell a few different stories:

What do you think?



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  1. I’m not familiar with Short Stack, but will check into it. I’m using Lujure for a couple of tabs on my page (you can get one for free via the app and one from the website, more cost money). 

  2. I’m still getting used to the Timeline–it’s still difficult to see how people can use this tool to tell a whole story, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. The great thing about Timeline compared to the other Facebook layout is that it prioritizes and lets you highlight what you want to show, so that you are in control of what leaves its mark and what doesn’t.

    The hard part is deciding what is beneficial, and what isn’t. I’ll get it eventually!