Does Your Story Matter?

Pinterest Boards and Facebook Page timelines have given you powerful new ways to tell stories through images.

And while Pinterest has always been about images (duh), Facebook Page Timelines have features that are nudging you to tell a more visual story.

How Facebook is changing how you tell your story

Does Your Story Matter?

First of all, you can use cover images to create that first brand impression. Covers can (and should) be rotated so that you can tell your story in ways that are fresh and dynamic – like you!

Highlighting allows you to create full-width updates on your page which helps visitors avoid eyeball headaches when scrolling down your timeline (here’s a tutorial on cleaning up your timeline).

Milestones allow to tell a story with a beginning, middle and now. Milestones represent the major achievements, turning points, setbacks and victories.

What story should you tell?

Does Your Story Matter?

Your story is always being told, regardless of whether or not you decide to be the writer and director.

If you think Facebook Timelines are only about highlighting and pinning pics, you are missing the point.

Choose a story that matters!

Talk to your coworkers and constituents – face to face. Uncover the human stories that matter. Especially the ones that feel too risky or scary to tell.

What story are you telling?


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