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  2. Thank you for delivering such an info-packed presentation, John! I hope you can point me in the right direction about one thing: In the Insights data (per slide 26), I can’t find a column that shows posting time anywhere – just the date. Where should I be looking?

    1. @amysept:disqus You have to export post-level data (as shown in the screen shot on slide 26). Once you do that, you’ll see a column with date/time info in it. You have to scrub out the date, but once that’s done you can sort by virality, then by time of day.

      1. I exported post-level, but don’t have the time information – just the date. I checked on a few different pages, just in case the number of Likes made a difference, but they’re all missing the time info. I’m going to have to look into this further, because it seems like it should (otherwise) be pretty straightforward!

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