How to Add a Subscribe Button to your YouTube Videos (Video Tutorial)

If your nonprofit has a YouTube channel, and you have the ability to edit video, you’ll find this tutorial very useful (assuming you want to increase the number of people subscribing to your channel).

Getting subscribers attention while they’re watching

You already know how powerful timely call to actions can be in our emailing marketing, on Facebook newsfeeds and on your website. The same is true with your YouTube videos.

Yes,  people can subscribe at the top of your channel. But prompting them to subscribe in the video gets their attention while they’re watching the video!

Creating CTAs with YouTube annotations

YouTube has a feature that allows publishers to annotate videos with text, notes and various different links. And if you have access to video editing tools like iMovie or ScreenFlow, you can kick things up a notch by adding a button to your annotation  (check out the end of this 55 second video for an example).

This video shows you how to link a button in your video to an annotation on YouTube:

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