How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign with Marketing in the Round

If your organization is like most nonprofits, your marketing communications includes various different channels like direct mail, drip email, social media, traditional PR, earned mentions, online and offline advertising, etc.

This is good because it shows that your organization has made an effort to embrace a wide variety of channels, hoping to engage with supporters from every angle.

But even after pulling all of these levers, results are still far less than expected.

A more integrated approach seems elusive, though you do have faith that an attained whole will produce more results than the sum sum of all these disconnected parts.

You must tear down your silos, and integrate all your marketing and communications. But how? Where do you start?

Marketing in the Round

Marketing in the Round, by Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston is an awesomely useful playbook to integrate every marketing channel in ways that get more results.

How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign with Marketing in the Round

Following are some of the ideas presented in MITR:

  • Campaigns and channels are no longer effective as silos
  • All marketing channels work better when integrated
  • Optimizing your channels is about messaging as much as integration
  • Your results are determined by how clear your goals are
  • Your donors and supporters flows in from many directions
  • A MOTR approach is about flexible communication, but strict about measurement and monitoring

The book also includes a collection of easy-to-understand charts, worksheets and exercises. In fact, each chapter ends with exercises as a way to immediately act the topics presented in that chapter.

Learn more about how Marketing in the Round can help your nonprofit at the MITR website.


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  1. Hey John, thank you for taking the time to read the book. I think you picked up on a subtle point about integration with the messaging aspect. Messaging does matter across the entire spectrum. It needs to morph itself to the medium (for example a collateral message won’t work in social media). But an absolutely essential point that I think fails to happen in silos!