iPads, iPhones Androids and other mobile devices have radically changed how people connect with your organization’s website.

Not only do they expect to view your website easily on various different devices, they expect to bounce around from browser to iPhone, to iPad and back again. Even while completing a series of related transactions!

Google recently published an infographic (below) to illustrate the prevalence of multi-screen use.

Has your Nonprofit Adapted to a Multi Screen World? [Infographic]

How do your donors use multiple screens to connect with your org?

67% of online shoppers have used multiple devices sequentially. Donors also want to get news about projects, sign petitions, make pledges and make donation on multiple devices.

What actions do they want to take on each device with your org? Part of the answer can be found in Google Analytics, where you can see what devices people use to access each area of your website.

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