Six Simple Tactics To Improve Your Facebook Fan Engagement [Infographic]

American Express Open Forum recently published an infographic of Facebook engagement stats and recommended tactics for improving engagement rates on your Facebook Page content.

Although this infographic isn’t specifically for nonprofits, the data (which includes nonprofits) and tactics still apply.

Six Tactics To Improve Your Facebook Engagement

Here’s a summary of the most useful bits from the infographic:

  1. Post Short Updates – Updates with less than 80 characters get 23% higher engagement rates.
  2. Post Images – Photos get a 39% higher rate of engagement than all types of content averaged.
  3. Use Emoticons – Using emoticons increase shares and likes by 33%.
  4. Try Caption Contests – Asking fans to write captions to interesting photos increases comments by 550%.
  5. Respond Quickly – 25% of Facebook and Twitter users expect a response to inquires and complaints within 60 minutes. Facebook community guidelines help immensely with this!
  6. Run a Photo Contest – Encourage fans to post cause-related photos for a chance to win something amazing. Note that a third-party app needs to be used for photo and video contests.

People First, Tactics Last

If your take-away from this infograph is a plan for Facebook success, you’ve got it backwards. Tactics should always come after:

  1. Understanding your people
  2. Developing clear objectives
  3. Developing a smart integrative strategy

Free 30 minute webinar

If you want more ideas, check out the free 30-minute webinar on my Facebook Page.

I’ll also be writing a few posts over the next couple of weeks to help you with these three items. But for now, here’s the infograph (full-size here):

Six Simple Tactics To Improve Your Facebook Fan Engagement [Infographic]

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  1. [...] Create a space of interaction with supporters.  Post updates – not just on fundraising – but on how many people have “liked” or ”shared” your campaign, feature and thank top personal fundraisers, share comments by supporters.  And speaking of supporter comments….one of the best things that can happen is a  supporter taking the step to have a conversation with you.  If they comment on an update you make on your campaign, respond, and QUICKLY!  25% of people who comment on Facebook and Twitter expect a response within an hour. [...]