Help Beat Cancer With SMAC Sock Monkeys (VID)
Fighting cancer can be incredibly lonely. Jennifer’s mom lives 1,200 miles away from her, making all of her cancer treatments that much harder for both of them.

So Jennifer created SMAC (Sock Monkeys Against Cancer) – to give people like her Mom a “buddy” they can hug to remind her that family is with them.

Jennifer’s awesome idea is trending in a big way at Start Something Good, with almost 300 backers! The reason why it’s incredibly successful is because they have three awesome goals:

  • Secure funding to launch the SMAC! monkey product line.
  • One SMAC! = Two: Follow the model set by Warby Parker Eyewear or TOMS Shoes that ensures that for every monkey purchased, a second monkey will go to someone else with cancer.
  • Commit a portion of the proceeds to cancer research & programs.
  • Develop partnerships with healthcare providers to create an elite team of SMAC! monkeys to be delivered to each of their cancer patients.

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