How to Boost Your Websites SEO with Twylah (Video)
The goal of using Twitter is to get your message out to a greater audience. But after using Twitter for a while, you realize two things:

  • Your tweets don’t last that long. People engage with tweets for a very short time, and then engagement drops off sharply.
  • Because Twitter is very conversational, what you end up tweeting about is not necessarily what you want to be known for.

Twylah solves both of these problems by automatically creating topic-specific pages that:

  • Give more exposure for your tweets by displaying them on beautifully organized topical pages.
  • Enhance your website’s ability to be found (if you use Twylah as a sub domain). You increase your SEO footprint on Google with the high number of topically indexed pages that are linked to your domain.

Watch this video for more on using Twylah:

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          1. Yep. And this is very BIG PROBLEM here. Of course in UK, Germany, France, Spain maybe it’s useful but not for Eastern Europe countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland,Slovakia etc.

  1. What a fantastic video, John – thank you so much. I’ll definitely be checking Twylah out.