The Facebook Ladder of Engagement

Facebook is about friendships. It’s about reconnecting with old friends, and keeping up with close friends.

Facebook is not about buying things or getting the lowest price. There are already websites for that, like Amazon and eBay.

In other words, Facebook is relational–it’s not transactional.

In “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” by Beth Kanter and Katie Payne they talk about the “ladder of engagement” as a way to visualize how nonprofits move people in stages from awareness to action.

The following diagram can be called the “Facebook Ladder of Donor Engagement”:

The Facebook Ladder of Engagement

Keep in mind that his diagram is just one way to represent how donors relate to your org on Facebook.

You’ll notice two data points:

  1. Trust and Affinity –As people become aware of your organization and interact with you at different levels of commitment, trust and affinity increase (or decrease if you’re not trustworthy or likable).
  2. Audience Size –Similar to the sales funnel model popular in the for-profit world, audience sizes very become smaller at each stage of the game.

In this diagram, each step represents an action someone can take on Facebook to express their relationship with a cause. But it may look very different for your nonprofit!

What does this ladder look like for your nonprofit?

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  2. The only thing for sale on FB is your information! Great blog but everyone should remember to be ultra carful about what they put on-line, who can see it and if it involves anyone else.