Whats the Value in Giving Back to Your Facebook Fans?

The whole secret to Facebook success is getting your biggest fans to talk about your business or organization.

Don’t waste your time with tire kickers, not doubters or haters.

Those in love with you don’t need convincing! They just need useful and interesting content that’s about them!

For example, REI posts tons of useful how-to articles for hikers, climbers and campers. They post videos and photos that are truly informative, with no sales pitch. Fans naturally share this content with their friends – many of whom share the same passion for the outdoors!

So where’s the value for the business?

Research shows that consumers trust product recommendations from friends ten times as much as marketing messages that come directly from those recommended brands.

Understanding that your most rabid fans are your best salespeople enables you to unlock the real power of Facebook!

How do you give back to your fans?

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