The Number One Paradigm Shift You Need to Make in 2013
It seems like almost every nonprofit is struggling to make ends meet these days – especially in today’s economy. And given this environments, it’s natural to want to clamp down and focus even more on what you need to survive.

The problem with this thinking is that you actually need to do the opposite in order to succeed.

In order to succeed you actually have to focus 1000% on your supporters and not your own agendaThe more you do this, the more your supporters will want to support you!

I know this approach seems completely unintuitive, and seems like it might even take longer to get results.

But here’s the thing: The bottom line – in the short run and the long run – is that you have to create awesome relationships with your supporters. This single factor is precisely what makes the best nonprofits thrive!

Start with the everyday mundane acts of caring

Paradigm shifts often start with simple shifts in our behavior.

  • Make time each day to reply thoughtfully and sincerely to comments on your Facebook Page.
  • Retweet blog posts written by your core supporters.
  • Repin or re-share a sponsor’s promotion with your fans.
  • Take 15 minutes each day to write a hand-written thank you note to a donor or volunteer.
  • Pick up the phone to say hi to a volunteer – with no strings attached!
  • Make a series of inspired YouTube videos like charity:water did.

The best thing about this shift is that is feels great, and you’ll be surprised at how much more support you’ll get from your community!

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