The bottom line at NWF

From the NWF album, “Birds of Prey”

While editing the video of me hanging out with Danielle, I remembered what I forgot.

I forgot that organizations like the National Wildlife Federation have another bottom line besides money.

Incentives drive people to do amazing things

You see, my background before starting Inbound Zombie was working for for-profit companies (health insurance, software, media) where money was the bottom line. This was especially the case at a software company that went public two years after I started working there.

Marketing and sales lied way more than usual, and when the economy tanked, the layoffs created an incredible amount of suffering.

So during the five years I worked there, I learned life lessons about why people make the decisions they do (good ones and bad ones). And for that, I am thankful.

But during those five years I also engrained within me the mistaken belief that money is more important than it’s face value.

I remembered what I forgot

So when Danielle reminded me several times how much NWF cares about animals and the environment, I remembered what I forgot.

And that is this: The reason why I do the work I do is that the bottom line for non-profits is making the world a better place – and NOT just raising money.

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