Facebook Tweaks Newsfeed to Feature More High Quality Content

Facebook recently updated it’s Newsfeed algorithm to feature organic content (not paid) that’s more relevant to each user.

Some of the criteria for selecting posts to display include:
  • Content that is timely and relevant
  • Content from a source the user trusts
  • Content that isn’t trying to game the Newsfeed (for example, asking for people to like the content)
  • Content the user wouldn’t view as a low quality meme
  • Content the user wouldn’t complain about seeing

A “New Machine Learning System” for the Newsfeed

Based on these criteria, Facebook built “a new system to detect content defined as high quality” using factors such as:

  • The completeness of the Page about tab
  • How much the Page fanbase overlaps with other high quality Pages

What Does This Mean for Your Page?

Facebook is trying to display more high quality content from reputable Facebook pages, and filter out content from Pages seeking to game the Newsfeed.

This Newsfeed change means going back to square one and asking yourself:

The bottom line here is that there is no trick to getting ahead in Facebook’s newsfeed other than truly serving your community with valuable content. This will always be the case regardless of how much Facebook changes the newsfeed algorithm.

What do you think?