One of the most critical aspects of an effective content strategy is to understand your audience. When you understand your audience – really get them – your content strategy becomes crystal clear!

Ten Ways You Can Use Graph Search to Learn About Your Facebook Fans (Tutorial)

In this video, I show you ten ways to use Graph Search to understand your Facebook community.

  1. My friends who like [your org]
  2. Favorite interests of people who like [your org]
  3. Favorite interests of people who like [your org]  and Susan G. Komen
  4. Groups of people who like [your org]
  5. Pages liked by people who like [your page]
  6. Pages liked by women who like [your page]
  7. Pages liked by men who like [your page]
  8. Fans of [your page] and [another page]
  9. Restaurants in [your city] visited by people who like [your page]
  10. Pages like by people who live in [your city] and like [your page]

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  1. Great tips John! I particularly like the few suggestions you made for how a nonprofit might use the information. Perhaps you could do a showcase of successful examples?