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I don’t get it


I was at Chipotle’s eating quesadillas and chips with my son. He comes back from the soda machine and shows me his drink cup. It looks like an ad for a movie, but it also looks like a commercial. It’s not clear. “I don’t get it”, he says. “That’s because you’re not supposed to“, I answer, which confuses him. […]

The Art and Science of Email Marketing for Nonprofits with @BlackBaud


If you’re like most nonprofits, you spend a fair mount of effort planning and crafting email campaigns. On October 9th, Steve MacLaughin (director of the Idea Lab at Blackbaud), will show you how you can improve your email: Deliverability rates Open rates Click-through rates Conversion rates Steve and I both contributed to “npEXPERTS: Online Marketing […]

Goodies for Subscribers


Over 19,000 people – just like you – subscribe to this blog because they love the content. That’s pretty obvious, I guess. What’s not obvious is what happens behind the scenes. Subscribers often email me with specific questions, and sometimes I’ll write a blog post in response (Thanks for the content ideas!). The thing is, […]