How Many of Your Donors Use Facebook? Here’s Your Answer!

If you’ve ever wondered how many of your donors, subscribers, and volunteers use Facebook, this step-by-step blog post will show you exactly how to find out. Don’t assume that all your supporters use Facebook You already know that there are over 1.2 billion people using Facebook and that over 40% of Americans login every day…. Read More

Facebook ROI for Nonprofits: Are You Wasting Your Time?

Should your nonprofit use Facebook to promote your cause? What’s the ROI? Here’s a point vs. counterpoint with nonprofit marketing expert Nancy Schwartz. Nancy: What is the value in nurturing a brand page/community for orgs on Facebook? John: Every marketing plan—whether it’s for a brand or a nonprofit—should include word of mouth elements. You want to create… Read More

3 Facebook Marketing Taboos You Should Break Right Now

The term “best practice” implies that a particular approach works for every situation. But that’s impossible. When you adopt “best practice” thinking, by default you adopt “worst practice” thinking – the idea that there are “taboos” one should never do! Here are three Facebook marketing taboos that have successfully been broken: 1. Posting Lengthy Text… Read More

18 Ways to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

This article gives you 18 ways to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm with posting strategies, external channels, and Facebook Insights. How Reach is Created on Facebook Facebook defines reach as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates. To see your Page’s reach, go to your Facebook Insights page and look at… Read More

17 Steps to Creating Explosively Successful Facebook Contests

Facebook contests can increase your fan-count and engagement. You can also build your email list with contests. But they have to be done right. Fortunately, ShortStack created a pretty snappy infographic with 17 steps for creating explosive contests (see below). Here’s a summary of all 17: 1. Is a Facebook contest right for your organization?… Read More

Facebook Timeline Contests – Everything Your Nonprofit Needs for Success

Facebook’s opened up a fun new avenue for pages to entertain fans and boost engagement. Businesses and organizations may now reward fans for their activity (likes and comments, but not shares) on the page’s Timeline. Counting likes on a post or manually checking the comments for a right answer or a nice photo is not… Read More

Facebook Page Redesign – 7 Features You Need to Know About

Today Facebook announced a completely new design for Facebook Pages, starting this week. The redesign of Facebook Pages is intended to help admins “find the tools they use most”. The layout also looks like it will display more consistently on desktop and mobile. Here are 7 Facebook Page features you need to know about (also see… Read More