Why Nonprofits are Better than Brands at Social Media

Nonprofits seem to have a baked-in advantage over for-profits when it comes to using social media, though they may not always take advantage of it. Brands spend billions trying to get people to feel passionate about them. And still very few, like Starbucks, Apple and Google, actually succeed. Nonprofits have passion in their bones The… Read More


The Nonprofit Marketing Personas Workbook [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Marketing personas are powerful tools to help you create more effective call-to-actions, social media content, landing pages, and email messages. This free e-book will walk you through eight steps to creating and using effective marketing personas for your nonprofit. You will learn: What marketing personas are and why you should care. How to discover the… Read More

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Five Ways To Make Your Content Viral

Team Uterati is an awareness / advocacy campaign that launched a few months ago to fight against the War on Women. They’ve gotten a significant amount of traction on Facebook, Twitter and a Wiki for their core activists. Here are five things they’ve done right to get their message out to a wider audience: It’s… Read More


How to Create Marketing Personas for Your Nonprofit

Marketing Personas are fictitious characters you create to represent your various different audience segments – subscribers, advocates, donors, volunteers, etc. They’re nothing more than a tool to help you better understand what motivates people to donate, volunteer, and support your org. And the better you define your personas, the easier it will be to create… Read More

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Four Social Personas Your Nonprofit Needs To Understand [Infographic]

Blackbaud recently published a guide called How to Identify and Empower Those Who Can Engage an Entire Community that includes information about four distint nonprofit social media personas. To help you better understand these personas, they also published a handy-dandy infographic, which I chopped up below. 1. Key Influencers Key Influencers are widely read and… Read More