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Facebook Page Contests – What You Can and Can’t Do

If you’re confused about Facebook’s Page terms for promotions and contests, you’re not alone. This past Friday I received an email from a subscriber asking about this specific example: The terms clearly say you can’t use a comment, like or share a as a condition of entry to a Page, like the above example. But… Read More

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Has your Nonprofit Adapted to a Multi-Screen World? [Infographic]

iPads, iPhones Androids and other mobile devices have radically changed how people connect with your organization’s website. Not only do they expect to view your website easily on various different devices, they expect to bounce around from browser to iPhone, to iPad and back again. Even while completing a series of related transactions! Google recently… Read More


Social Media For Nonprofit Conference in Boston, MA

Social Media for Nonprofits, the only conference series devoted to social media for social good, is heading to Boston this Tuesday 8/28. Join me along with Debra Askanase, Geoff Livingston (author of Marketing in the Round), Julie Nations of The Ellie Fund, Dave Boyce of Fundly, Lee Fox of KooDooz, Dan Gillett of Kimbia, and Justin Ware… Read More

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Three Essential Pillars of a Facebook Content Strategy

Next Tuesday, I’ll be presenting a webinar for Network for Good titled “27 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page”. It’s a free webinar that will cover the following agenda in 60 minutes: The three most important pillars of your content strategy Three shocking facts about every Facebook Page Edgerank defined and why you… Read More


What is Nonprofit Storytelling And Why is it So Important?

Stories are the heart and soul of your organization. They’re the thousands of tiny little living threads that connect your organization and your fans. But stories are also the most tool you have to get people to take action! What makes a good story? Think about the thousands of stories throughout your organization and the… Read More

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How can I write better blog posts?

Writing awesome blog posts is something great bloggers are always working towards, and something bad bloggers have mastered. If you’re reading this, you’re a great blogger. What defines a good blog post? What makes a good blog post obviously depends upon what your goals are, but most bloggers generally agree that a good blog post… Read More