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5 Online Strategies to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Annual Fund

5 Online Strategies to Help Grow Your Annual Fund (1)

The annual fund campaign is a cornerstone of most nonprofit fundraising strategies. Annual fund campaigns refer to a set of strategies that nonprofits implement to raise the funds needed to cover their operational expenses. Generally, they’re made up of three main components: Outreach, Fundraising events, And direct asks. The unifying thread of these components is donor stewardship. […]

The Most Obvious Reason People Share on Social Media (That Most Brands DON’T Get)

The Most Obvious Reason People Use Social Media - That Most Marketers DON'T Get

It seems that most brands don’t understand why people really share on social media. Yes, people use social media for entertainment, to connect with others, and to be heard. But there’s a deeper motivation behind why people share anything on social media. Shoring up your public persona People use social media to shore up their public persona – […]

John Haydon