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Getting Started with Facebook Ads (Podcast)

Rich Brooks, founder of Marketing Agents, invited me to chat about getting started with Facebook Ads. We discuss a number of topics, but mainly focus on these questions: What kinds of things should I be looking to accomplish with my advertising? How do you get started with Facebook Ads? What’s the best place to start?… Read More


How To Use IFTTT To Kill The Drudgery Of Social Media

You know what’s a huge time-suck? Social media drudgery. You know, the tedious and repetitive tasks that are part of every social media manager’s job. You have way more to offer the world than copy/pasting content from social media sites into spreadsheets. YOU have creative ideas that the world needs! IFTTT helps you spend more time on that good stuff, and less… Read More

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Facebook Rolls Out New Layout to all Pages [2014]

Back in March, Facebook announced a new mobile-friendly layout for Pages. Yesterday, Facebook announced that all 30 million active Facebook Pages will receive the new timeline layout. If your Page doesn’t have the new layout yet, you will today, starting with a tour of your new page. Changing your Facebook Page layout You can change the… Read More


6 Brands Using Action-Gating In Their Facebook Marketing

In Chapter 1 of the newest eBook from ShortStack, Why Every Business Needs to Stop Obsessing About Facebook Likes, we offered reasons that Like-gating is no longer a best practice. The main reasons to avoid Like-gating include the fact that users may decide to Unlike your Page after a promo is over and that the number of… Read More


16 New Rules for Facebook Marketing Success

[WARNING: This blog is over 1,750 words. Save it for later.] The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. For many pages, it’s become harder to get organic reach in the newsfeed: There’s now more competition in the News Feed. Every single day, businesses are creating Facebook pages to reach the… Read More


The POST Method for Creating a Social Media Strategy (INFOGRAPHIC)

There seem to be countless tools available for social media marketers. Tools for managing social media, measuring it, and even for creating content that looks amazing! Yes, technology can seem like a godsend. But if you don’t have a solid strategy, you’re going to waste a lot of money on a lot of tools that promise a… Read More

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How to Leverage Social Media to Tap into Corporate Giving Programs

Is your nonprofit strategically marketing corporate giving programs to your donors and volunteers? If not, you could be leaving thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table from corporate employee giving programs like matching gifts and volunteer grants. There are tons of methods to market these programs, but we all know how much “the… Read More

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19 Ways to Raise More Money From Your Donation Pages

What makes a kick-ass donation page? Is it the words? Images? Where buttons and fields are located? The short answer is yes. Together, these elements must convey enough emotional punch and urgency to inspire people to donate. Your donation pages reflect your brand Your community is totally unique, so slapping the latest best practice on… Read More


Social Media for Nonprofits in Boston

I’m extremely excited to be co-hosting Social Media 4 Nonprofits in Boston with Ritu Sharma and this all-star cast: Julia Campbell – Owner, J Campbell Social Marketing Matt Koval – YouTube Programming Strategist Laura Huddle – Product Marketing Manager, Eventbrite Joe Waters – Author, Speaker Trainer & Blogger Cody Damon – President, MediaCause Seana Dowling… Read More