Facebook Timeline Contests – Everything Your Nonprofit Needs for Success

Facebook’s opened up a fun new avenue for pages to entertain fans and boost engagement. Businesses and organizations may now reward fans for their activity (likes and comments, but not shares) on the page’s Timeline. Counting likes on a post or manually checking the comments for a right answer or a nice photo is not… Read More

Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops: 3 Vital Storytelling Tips

Marketers use stories to draw the attention of a wider audience and to generate interest in your organization. In fundraising, including major gift fundraising, stories motivate donors to provide financial support. Here are three tips for using stories to boost your organization’s bottom line through major gifts: 1. Facts are important, but emotions motivate. Any… Read More

Why Year-End Fundraising Should Start NOW [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Charitable Giving Report from Blackbaud highlights trend that could mean year-end fundraising success for your nonprofit. Before we get to that, check out this stunning infographic, summarizing their 2013 Charitable Giving Report. Three action items from Blackbaud’s 2013 Charitable Giving Report Scroll up for a moment and check out the monthly giving chart. Doesn’t it look like… Read More

Facebook Page Redesign – 7 Features You Need to Know About

Today Facebook announced a completely new design for Facebook Pages, starting this week. The redesign of Facebook Pages is intended to help admins “find the tools they use most”. The layout also looks like it will display more consistently on desktop and mobile. Here are 7 Facebook Page features you need to know about (also see… Read More

Three Powerful Email Marketing Tips and Examples From the Pros

Are you looking to breathe new life into your nonprofit’s e-mail marketing? If so, you will love these tips three from my peers: 1. Tell Stories About Your Impact Rachel Hope Allison, Senior Strategist at Big Duck: The most exciting opportunities for smaller nonprofits are around the stories they tell with their campaign. Being small, they… Read More

7 Habits of Highly Engaging Facebook Admins

Marketo recently published an eBook called Contagious Content: What People Share On Facebook and Why They Share It. The sheer mass of this ebook will blow your mind. And so will the examples, tips and tactics. Plus, on page 10, you’ll find this list: 7 Habits of Highly Engaging Facebook Posts* GIVE: Offers, discounts, deals… Read More