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Three Simple Donor Retention Strategies for Social Media

Three Donor Retention Strategies for Social Media

Donor retention rates declined from 50% in 2006 to less than 39% in 2014. During this period, donors have gotten more selective about the nonprofits they support. And they’ve also gotten better at tuning out messages that aren’t interesting. At the same time, nonprofits organizations have gotten smarter about how they communicate with donors. Smart […]

Nonprofit Storytelling: 4 Tips to Motivate Supporters

Nonprofit Storytelling- 4 Tips to Motivates Supporters

Good stories connect people – to an idea or new information, and most importantly, to other people. Through nonprofit storytelling, we step into someone else’s shoes. The transformational power of story both engages and changes us. These four tips will help you motivate others with your organization’s story: 1. Tell a deeper story To persuade […]