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Giving Tuesday Results Prove that People Are Awesome

2014 Giving Tuesday results Infographic

#GivingTuesday represents the best of people. It signals a growing (and much-needed) shift towards helping others, instead of trampling over our friends and relatives at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. The other exciting thing about #GivingTuesday is that it’s becoming a way for nonprofits to develop their fundraising and marketing chops. So what were the Giving Tuesday results […]

How Many Year-End Fundraising Emails Should You Send?

How Many Year-End Fundraising Emails Should You Send-

Let’s face it, fundraising is not easy. Especially during December when many other nonprofits are also asking for money, from your donors! According to M&R’s recent report, nonprofits sent 7 fundraising emails per subscriber in December of 2013. The same number of fundraising emails was also sent in December of 2012. So the answer is seven, right? No so […]

7 Tips for Using Hashtags Effectively on #GivingTuesday

7 Tips for Using Hashtags Effectively on #GivingTuesday

What are the best ways for using hashtags effectively for your GivingTuesday campaign, and what tools should you use to monitor your campaign and track mentions? Here’s a short presentation I gave to my email subscribers: LISTEN FIRST – Research trending hashtags used by your community. Checkout hashtagify.me and hashtagging.com. KEEP IT SIMPLE – Make a […]