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3 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression with First-Time Donors

3 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression with First-Time Donors

According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, most first-time donors never come back to make a second gift. Nonprofits as a whole are losing 57% of their donors every single year. And 71% of first-time donors never return! Any fundraising professional will tell you that retaining existing donors costs less than acquiring new donors. The quickest and surest way […]

How to Create Marketing Personas for Your Nonprofit

How to Create Marketing and Donor Personas for Your Nonprofit

Your email list, your donor database, and your social connections are more than audience segments: they’re people. And people connect with people, not data. Personas turn your database into a person with a story – a marketing persona. Marketing Personas are fictitious characters you create to represent your various audience segments – subscribers, advocates, donors, […]

Facebook Live for Nonprofits: 11 Tips for Getting Started

Facebook Live for Nonprofits- 10 Tips for Getting Started

Facebook Live is taking the newsfeed by storm! This (relatively) new live broadcasting feature lets any person, brand, or nonprofit live-stream events, reveals, celebrations, and more. The Humane Society, The White House, the MET, and many smaller nonprofits are broadcasting news-as-it-happens, museum tours, and even feeding time for baby raccoons! Hesitant about broadcasting your cause […]

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