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Ice Bucket Challenge Raises Over $1 Million in 30 days [INFOGRAPHIC]

ALS Raises Over $1 Million in 30 days [INFOGRAPHIC]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge surpassed $100 million dollars in 30 days. This is huge! Rallybound published an infographic highlighting the gargantuan fundraising results from the famed crowdfunding campaign. Over $100 million in donations was raised in just 30 days. That’s $37 per second! ALS also acquired 2.1 million new donors, and engaged over 112M people […]

Six Simple Tactics To Improve Your Facebook Fan Engagement [Infographic]


American Express Open Forum recently published an infographic of Facebook engagement stats and recommended tactics for improving engagement rates on your Facebook Page content. Although this infographic isn’t specifically for nonprofits, the data (which includes nonprofits) and tactics still apply. Six Tactics To Improve Your Facebook Engagement Here’s a summary of the most useful bits […]

Facebook by numbers (video)


Unless you’ve been living off the grid under a rock, you’re already aware of the colossal impact Facebook has had on the world. It’s changed how we stay connected. It’s opened our privacy boundaries (for better or for worse). It beat Google. It launched a thousand memes. It helped overthrow dictators. Check out most recent […]