3 Reasons Facebook Ads Aren’t Working for Your Nonprofit

Have you used Facebook ads for your nonprofit? If so, it shows that you’re serious about promoting your cause on Facebook. So congratulations!

But what if your Facebook ads aren’t working?

Despite the incredible power of Facebook ads, sometimes they just doesn’t seem to work as expected. But why?

There are three reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t working for your nonprofit. Either your creative is off, your targeting is off, or your ask is off.

Let’s dive into each one:

1. Your Facebook Ads creative is off

If your ad is reaching people but no one is clicking, you might want to take a closer look at the ad creative. By creative I mean the copy, headline, and add image or video. Each one of these elements in the ad can throw users off because it’s either irrelevant or boring.

The most important creative element in any Facebook ad is the image. And you can split-test Facebook ads by using multiple Shutterstock images in the ad manager.

2. Your Facebook Ads audience targeting is off

If you’re not getting any clicks or conversions, take a closer look at your audience. The headline, copy, and image could be stellar, but if the wrong people see it it won’t convert. Here are a few considerations:

3. Your Facebook Ads ask is throwing people off

If people click on the ad but don’t take action on your website, your ask could be off. Inconsistent call to actions create a hiccough in the donor experience.

If you want people to sign a petition, make sure you have the right call to action in the ad (“Sign the petition”).

John Haydon