40 Ways for Nonprofits to Raise Money with Businesses [Giveaway]

I owe my buddy John a big thanks for letting me take a few lines on his blog to tell you about my new book, Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved Strategies for Nonprofits.

I wrote Fundraising with Businesses for all the nonprofit professionals who ever answered “I don’t know” when I asked them what type of fundraiser they would propose to a potential business partner.

Either they had a current business partner from whom they were only receiving a cash donation – always a good thing, but this stash of gold is getting smaller and is increasingly harder to find – and had no other good ideas on how to raise money. Or they had no creative ideas for approaching a new business partner beyond asking for cash.

Stymied in their quest to raise money from businesses, these nonprofits let opportunities slip away until another nonprofit – usually a larger, national nonprofit – recruited the company and executed a successful fundraiser.

There’s no good reason why your nonprofit should be losing out to larger nonprofits.

Think big about fundraising

Fundraising for Businesses
This book aims to help small nonprofits to think big about fundraising with businesses by expanding the possibilities for partnership. If you want to build a business giving program that is comprehensive, innovative and successful, this book is a good place to start.

One thing that will make your investment worthwhile is the book’s connection to Pinterest. Each chapter has a URL and a QR code that links to a board on Pinterest. So you get a great education in the book, but Pinterest keeps the learning going with plenty of new examples. And I’m not the only one pinning. Folks like See3 Communications, CafeGive, Truist, For Momentum, OneBillionShiirts.org and others are also sharing pins.

Want to check out the book? You can read a chapter here.

Book giveaway

John and I are also giving away a copy of the book.

Just leave a brief comment below saying why you would like the book and John will pick a winner!

Good luck!

John Haydon