5 Questions for Paula Van Ness – Founder of 12by12by12

Following is a Q&A with Paula Van Ness, Founder of 12by12by12.

One thing that unites our divided nation is a concern about America’s future. The stakes are high. These are challenging times for thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country protecting our most vulnerable populations.

12by12by12 (SM) invites a community of donors and advocates to join together in steady and consistent giving to great organizations doing important work. It’s a no muss/no fuss way to uphold their values.

1. What is 12by12by12?

The concept is simple: On the 12th of each month pick one or more nonprofits from the 12 issue areas and make a contribution of at least $12.

5 Questions for Paula Van Ness - Founder of 12by12by12

2. What drove you to create 12by12by12?

Experiencing my own anger, frustration, and fear which I felt I had in common with millions of Americans, I wanted to do more than just resist. I knew that I must increase my charitable giving and focus on the organizations that are working on the issues that are important to me but I didn’t want to do that in isolation; I wanted to know that my gifts would be joined by the gifts of many others.

3. How will you know what organizations other people are supporting and how much is being raised?

One of the features of our platform is that you can see the list of organizations and the amounts they’ve raised in real time on our website. We’ve learned that donors may go to a giving site with a certain organization or issue in mind but then, they “go shopping” for other causes that touch their hearts and give more.

4. Why does 12by12by12 matter now?

12by12by12 matters now more than ever because 12by12by12 is a way to ensure the resources are there, not just once, but each and every month. It’s not partisan so there are great nonprofit organizations working on issues that Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Trump supporters care about—we’re just making it easy for people to find them and then give.

5. How will people know their contributions will be making an impact?

One of the great things about 12by12by12 is that we carefully select our partners to make sure they are good stewards and, just as importantly, are leaders for change. Some are large brand-name groups that have been around for decades; others are new or working regionally. But the common thread they have is innovation and leadership.

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