7 Proven Visual Marketing Ideas for Maximum Facebook Impact

Do you want to get more engagement on Facebook? Are you using visuals but not seeing results yet?

You probably know that visuals are the KING on every platform. Supporters just prefer to view and consume visual content.

In the article, I’ll share 7 proven visual marketing ideas you can use today for maximum impact on Facebook.


The thing I like about quotes is that it’s TIMELESS. Unlike certain types of content you can’t put an expiry date on good quotes. It just WORKS.

One of the biggest reasons why they work is because they can basically reach any demographic. Inspirational quotes spread across age, gender, race and sometimes even language.

One of my favorite quotes is actually in French, a language we’re not familiar of in this part of the world, and it goes like this: “Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup.” It means “eat well, laugh often, love abundantly”.

Quotes can be funny, motivational, a line from a movie, a sentence from a book and more!

2. Special occasions

I’m sure you’ve thought about posting content based on occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and you’re already putting out content based on these days.

However, what about ‘left hand day’ and ‘smores day’? Are you creating content based on those days?

When creating these type of content, you need to really dive deep and know who your demographic really are. For example, if you’re demographic are gamers, there are days such as May the 4th.

Take a look at how Starbucks does this:

starbucks facebook post

3. Cartoons

I need to say this real quick! Cartoons aren’t only for kids! We adults can relate to them too. In fact, some of us love them but we’re too shy to admit it. Facebook is simply a great platform to share this because we generally go to Facebook to relax after a long day at work or while transiting to work. We just want to enjoy the moment and cartoons are the way to go.

4. Mascots

Similar to cartoons, Mascots can actually do wonders on Facebook. The reason why this type of visual works well on Facebook is because it has that special flare and its own personality.

Show off your brand personality by adding some fun to your Facebook page.

Here’s an example from Mailchimp:

mailchimp facebook post

5. Quizes

Do you like quizzes? I’m sure you’ve watched a few quiz shows and were huge fan of them once. In fact, when you found out you could answer them, you probably felt better didn’t you? There’s no difference when it comes to Facebook.

We’re simply too addicted to quizzes. In fact, sometimes we want to know our answers were correct, so we spent quite a bit of time click on those type of visuals and engaging with them.

Don’t believe me? Check out this quiz that we shared on the Post Planner Facebook page:

postplanner facebook post

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6. Humor

Who doesn’t like humor? Look on your Facebook newsfeed and you’re bound to find content that just make you laugh! I’m sure you’ve shared a visual or two of funny visuals you found.

There are a few funny visuals for you to share such as

  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Puns

7. Mini infographics

Mini infographics are visuals that explain something or teaches something to its readers. It can be simple facts to a step-by-step visual of teaching people something such as how to tie a tie. The purpose of this type of visual is to showcase your expertise in your industry.

You can see these type of visuals get shared on platforms like Pinterest however, they aren’t fully utilized on Facebook.

Rosetta Stone Facebook Post

Use these 7 types of visuals and experiment to find out what works for your audience. I can guarantee a few of them will work and help get you get more engagement and make a bigger impact on Facebook

Time to hear from you.

What type of images do you use on your Facebook page? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment sections below.

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John Haydon