3 Powerful Apps to Streamline Content Workflow [LIVE DEMO]

The job of the marketer has changed dramatically over the past few years in one important way: Output.

The sheer amount of content you need to create, curate, and share requires a completely different approach to your work day.

Fortunately, there are apps for almost every content marketing task, from creating images and finding top content, to monitoring keywords and analyzing engagement.

During Wednesday’s Hump Day Coffee Break (below), I did a live demo of three content marketing apps: Trello, Buffer, and Buzzsumo:

  • Trello – A project management app that looks like Pinterest. I show you how to manage each stage of your content workflow, from content ideas to publication.
  • Buffer – Queue up content for all your social networks and get analytics for each piece you share. Rebuffer the top-performers!
  • Buzzsumo – Curate top content and monitor mentions of your brand. Deliver this content via RSS feeds to Buffer, Trello, etc.

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John Haydon