Your Big, Hairy, Audacious Marketing and Fundraising Goals…

We’ve all been in that meeting about marketing and fundraising goals.

The one where the Board Chair, or Executive Director, or well-meaning volunteer slams the table and says in an exasperated tone – “We need to get more donors this year!”

Getting more donors, and keeping the donors that you have, is a fantastic and admirable goal for your nonprofit in 2016. It’s one that every organization should have – but what does it really mean?

Personally I believe in BHAGsBig, Hairy, Audacious Goals. Creating BHAGs is fun – but simply stating them in a Board meeting, writing them on a post-it, and putting them up on your bulletin board is not enough. Not nearly.

SMART Marketing and Fundraising Goals

You need a road map. You need a plan. You need a timeline with responsibilities and deadlines.

You need SMART objectives to help you measure progress towards your goal, and to hold you and your team accountable for each small step along the way.

Is your digital marketing goal to “get more donors” this year? With SMART objectives, you can drill down even deeper to ensure that your success and your progress can be measured.

Sample SMART objectives for 2016:

  1. Gain 100 new donors by the end of this year through our annual appeal and in-person events.
  2. Raise 25% more through online and mobile donations than we did last year.
  3. Recruit 50 people to set up peer-to-peer online fundraising campaign pages for us this year.

With your SMART objectives, you know where you are going. After refining these objectives, you will need to dive down even deeper to identify specific strategies, tools, and tactics that will make success possible.

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John Haydon