The biggest difference between your website and your Facebook Page

When you publish content on your website, visitors have to go to that specific webpage (a single location) to view that content. Nothing else at that moment is competing for that visitors attention (unless you have a bad design).

But when you publish an update on your Facebook Page, most of the time fans are viewing it in their news feed – and not on your Facebook Page wall (a single location with no competition).

Optimizing content for the news feed

This single difference means that your content strategy has to consider an additional challenge presented by Facebook’s news feed (in addition to Edgerank):

Friends and other Pages that are competing for attention.

So, let’s put our heads together below in the comments and hear your brilliant ideas (you know you have some)! What are your best tactics for getting attention in the newsfeed?

How do you optimize your content for the newsfeed?

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