5 Savvy Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement That You’re Probably Overlooking

If you’re like most smart marketers, you realize that engagement on Facebook is a moving target.

Strategies that once worked to boost Facebook engagement, now get dismal results. And strategies that go against the grain work surprisingly well.

Facebook Pages have also evolved over the years, helping marketers understand their audiences better, target more specific audience segments, and engage supporters with live video.

There are so many creative ways to increase engagement on Facebook. Here are a few that take advantage of some newer Facebook Page features.

1. Understand your audience

Are you trying to reach vegans who care about the environment? How about parents with a pre-schooler who has a learning disability?

Don’t just blindly guess about what your audience is interested. Use Facebook Insights to discover who already engages with your Page.

Specifically, look at the people engaged tab within the People report (as shown below).

Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement

You’ll see demographic information about people that are actually engaging with your posts. Additionally, make sure you view the Posts report to discover the most engaging topics and stories (as shown below).

2. Verify your Facebook Page

Verifying your nonprofit enhances your credibility, increasing Facebook engagement. Verified pages also show up higher in search results.

There are two types of verified Pages:

  • Blue checkmark: Public figures, media companies, and brands have a blue checkmark
  • Grey checkmark: Local businesses and organizations

To verify your Page, click on Settings and then click “Verify This Page”. You’ll then be prompted to receive a phone call with a verification code (as shown below).

Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement

3. Boost Facebook engagement your impact with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an incredible way to bring your supporters closer to the impact they seek.

Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement

For example, animal shelters broadcast the arrival of new animals, art museums broadcast curator-led tours, and libraries broadcast story-time. These are just a few Facebook Live ideas to get you inspired.

The great thing about Facebook Live is that the longer you broadcast, the more people you reach. That’s because as viewers comment, their friends get pinged to join the broadcast.

4. Reuse and Recycle Facebook Live videos

If you’ve made the investment in producing a live broadcast, don’t just leave it as a single post.

Make baby videos!

View the video engagement metrics to discover the key moments where you had lots of engagement.

Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement

Ask yourself if that moment can stand on it’s own in another video post. You might even find 2-3 snippets from a single live broadcast.

Keep in mind, anything less than 60 seconds can be used on Instagram.

5. Steal ideas from Pages You Watch

One of the best ways to improve Facebook engagement is to learn from other orgs.

Add them to your Pages You Watch feature on your Facebook page. Then when you log into insights, within the Posts report, you will see the top posts from pages you watched.

Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement

Now you have some great content that you can share, and it’s already been vetted.


Other new features you probably missed

If you’re like most nonprofits, you’re busier than a bee behind a deadline. It’s hard to keep up with everything that changes with Facebook, but I’ve got your back!

Here’s a short video tutorial summarizing a few new Facebook Page features.

And don’t forget about my weekly training via Facebook Live!

John Haydon