What are you building?


A long time ago in the city of Rome, there were several hundred men working on a large building.

A little girl, who was very curious, wandered into the building site to see what she could learn. She noticed three men – each carrying a rock the size of a basketball. And being curious, she had to know more about what they were doing.

The first man looked a little tired – even though he was fairly muscular. She asked him,“What are you doing?”, to which he replied “I’m carrying a rock.” That answer didn’t satisfy the little girl, so she asked the second man the same question.

He was as muscular and large as the first – and he too, looked tired. Gasping for breath, he answered “I’m building a wall!”

As you can imagine, that answer wasn’t any better than the first man’s answer, so she walked up to the third man.

The third man was smaller than the first, and quite skinny. But he had a bright smile and seemed to be full of boundless energy.

Very curious, she asked him, “What are you building?”

Without a moments hesitation he answered “I’m building a glorious Cathedral that will last thousands of years! Millions of people from all over the world will visit this place and return to their homes with more faith than ever in their own potential!”

The little girl liked this answer very much, because it seemed to give her a good feeling. A feeling as if she’d been told the most magical secret of life.

What are you building?

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John Haydon