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7 Smart Ways to Raise More Money With Email

With year-end fundraising just around the corner, many nonprofits would be wise to focus on their most important digital channel: email. According to Salsa email has the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel ($40 return for every $1 invested). The simple truth is that email allows you to send highly personalized messages to specific […]

Donor Thank Yous: Crafting the Perfect Email in 6 Steps

Donor thank yous are about more than just showing appreciation. They act as an essential piece of your email marketing strategy because they build long-lasting donor relationships. However, crafting the perfect message, from the subject line to the P.S., is key to tapping into the full potential of those benefits.   If you’re struggling with how […]

7 Killer Email Fundraising Tips From Human Rights Campaign

How often do you experience your email messages from your donor’s perspective? How often do you let your donors pick the best email fundraising message? Well, that’s exactly what Human Rights Campaign does. And it works! During their 16NTC presentation, HRC shared how they crafted wildly successful email campaigns. They do it be focusing on their DUX (Donor’s User Experience). […]

4 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates With Psychology

Getting donors, volunteers, and subscribers to open your emails can sometimes feel impossible. Everyone gets way too many emails, and we’ve learned to filter out messages that aren’t important – either by ignoring them, deleting them, or marking them as spam. 4 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates With Psychology All the research about what works and what […]

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