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3 Matching Gift Fundraising Tips for Savvy Nonprofits

If your organization doesn’t have a matching gifts fundraising strategy, you’re missing out on easy money. In fact, through matching gift programs specifically, you can double your fundraising power with little-to-no extra effort. Here are my top three tips on how you can maximize your matching gift program: Promote matching gifts during magic moments. Promote matching […]

Nonprofit Payment Processing: Everything You Need to Know

A payment processor is a company that handles all your online transactions. Payment processing handles donation transactions between your organization’s bank and your donor’s bank. As you might expect, payment processor also have multiple security measures in place to protect your organization and your donors. Why do you need a payment processor? In order to accept […]

How to Build a Marketing Funnel Your Donors Will Love

Fundraising is quite a different game then it was even just a few years ago. Mobile and social media has donors constantly distracted (and bombarded) with messages from friends, brands, and competing causes. But a smart marketing funnel can help solve these problems. For nonprofit marketers this shift means embracing a donor-centric approach that moves […]

How to Create a Prosperous Fundraising Campaign

My son and I go camping with the Boy Scouts almost every month. Even in the winter. 🙂 Scouts develop meal plans, assign kitchen duties and other roles. They pack tents and cooking gear, and prepare for almost every possible situation. And because they thoroughly prepare, every camping trip is successful (read: no trips to […]

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